"Orientation to customers and rapid response"is the service tenet of YIFA's employees. Based on the great sense of responsibility for the users, the Group is oriented to the users, ensures that quality and service come first and will implement services well. All products of the Group are certified with CCC and 12KV and 35KVbox type substations and high-voltage cabinets and ring main units have the type test report by National High Voltage Test Center. Moreover, the Group has a complete quality assurance system for product quality assurance and such system includes technical consultation and technical training for pre-sale, sale and after-sale services and customers. We fully agree to and are satisfied with your service requirements for the equipment bidding and we make the following commitments to the customers:


Pre-sale services
To enable you to further understand the performance of our products, we are willing to provide you free of charge the brief description of product performance and knowledge for use and answer your questions about the products.
Sale services
Upon signing of the contract, we are obliged to provide you free of charge a systematic design scheme or design the products in cooperation with you. Duringproduction, we will proactively cooperate with you on the equipment manufacture supervision.
After-sale services
After the equipment arrives at the delivery site, we will dispatch personnel tothe site on schedule, examine the goods in cooperation with you and examine the quantity, specification and model and appearance and quality of the equipment. Acceptance standards are relevant national standards and those issued by the ministry and Technical Agreement signed by and between both parties. Upon completion of acceptance, both parties shall sign the unpacking record. We will periodically implement quality tracking service of the outgoing products, obtain knowledge about the operating status of the equipment at any time and provide spare parts for the equipment at any time. We will dispatch personnel for follow-up and technical support according to needs. If you raise any question about products we provide due to the quality problem, upon receipt of your notice we will dispatch technicians to the site to handle the situation within 24 hours. Our product warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, the "three guarantees"(repair or replacement or compensation of faulty products) will be implemented. If conditions required in Technical Agreement fail to be met due to equipment defects, we will provide free of charge to you needed replacement parts and take necessary improvement measures until conditions required in Technical Agreement are met.


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